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base camp

7 Figure wealth

An Exclusive 'Stay Until You Get Paid' Wealth Coaching Program.

We customise our unique 

1FINANCIAL PLANTM to meet you where you are at, first to restructure & reposition you onto a secure & sustainable financial base.

And then jointly, we develop your bridge to start building or growing new of cashflow, within 5 wealth domains, that match your passion, skills, experience and life mission.

Once you join us in the BASE CAMP 7 Figure Wealth program , you’ll get the coaching, community, weekly calls, and the regular support you need until you earn at least $6,000 in revenue, period.


In addition, you get access to digital content specific for you, delivered on our propriety platform.


TARGET ROI: 3X in 12-36 months

(depending on your pace, and risk appetite).


7 figure wealth

You are secured your financial base.

Established yourself as a leader, influencer & respected thinker within the wealth domains & niche you have chosen.

And launched at least 1 of your 3 Base Camp cashflow streams.

You are ready to SCALE and join an executive board of your peers.

Accelerate your 7 Figure Wealth timelines, introduce leverage, increase your risk capacity and grow your strategic network.

The program spans 10 months, with various 1-on-1 calls with your coach, accountability partner, as well as 5 executive boardroom events.


TARGET ROI: 5X in 12- 26

months (depending on your pace, and risk appetite).


7 figure wealth

You have at least 3 established cashflow streams.

You are ready raise 10%-20% equity funding, to grow to cashflow streams to the next level.

We invite you to join VIP Inner Circle, for African Tigers investment board.

This includes 1 annual global executive event.