I’m often asked about my personal journey to financial independence.
And why I'm so passionate about helping others, like you, achieve the amazing life-change possible, by jointly crafting 1FINANCIAL LIFE PLANTM to prosper you, give you hope and change  your financial future.
So I thought I'd share part of my story with you (plus ... we've never arrive) ...
Basically, I'm just like you. Except that for the past 20 years I've learnt some hard, painful and expensive lessons as an employee, business owner and investor. I've also develop key skills that everyone needs in order to become wealthy.
This is how WealthCapital was born.
Our mission as your wealth & financial coach is to be your guide.
To help you avoid costly and painful missteps. Keep you, your family financially secure, and fast track your prosperity.


I'm on the BE.SUCCESSFUL part of the the 1FINANCIAL LIFE PLANTM journey.

Here is how I have grown my Financial SUCCESS by growing  new streams of income (while being a full-time employee)



2012 - Today (Wealth Advisory & Coaching Platform)

WealthCapital is wealth & financial coaching platform with the mission to be your guide and empower you, with 1FINANCIAL LIFE PLANTM to prosper you, give you hope and change  your financial future.
We also aggregates and curates high value content, plus host Fire-Side conversations as part of how we serve our clients and community.


2015 - Today (Cashflow Trading Strategies)

Tiger Funds is a closed propriety  trading and hedge fund platform, focused cash flow strategies accessible to the retail trader. 

Monthly trading income, is invested in to quality, growth stocks that form the basis of a 5 year roadmap to financial independence.

The  platform covers local (SA) and USA equities, CFDs and narrow option strategies.

Gloria Jean's Coffees

2007 - 2009 (multiply stores / franchise owner)

Gloria Jean's Coffees an Australian owned global specialty coffee company, and is a brand synonymous with coffee quality and leading franchise systems.
I bought 2 stores, in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Two years later I sold, making 30% return on capital on the first store, and had to book a R2M. ($140k) loss on the second shop, which included being sued by the funding bank, which I eventually settled out of court. Ouch.

PROSPER Investment Properties

2002 - 2008 (residential property portfolio)

PROSPER was my residential real-estate investment portfolio. Which included buy to rent properties in the upmarket Johannesburg area, as well as a few buy and flip deals.

The simple, underlying strategy was a long-term buy and hold, with 3 year refinance cycle which would accelerate the investment cycle.

I had to liquidate my property portfolio to settle with the bank with respect to the Gloria Jean's Coffees court case.


2003 - 2005 (Venture Capital)

VENTURE05 was started while studying my MBA. We were 5 founding partners. The idea was to apply what we learnt from our MBA complimented by our disparate industry skills.


We've built WealthCapital on 7 Pillars of Wisdom #POW.

The first, and most important is Kingdom First.

Our mandate & mission is guided by:

Joshua 1:6 Be strong and courageous, because you will lead (cause) these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them.

 I'm blessed to have a wonderful family, my son which is our miracle child. And pursuing my passion to help others achieve financial wellness, so they too can pursue their passions and calling.