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Why wealth matters. The Global wealth report.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Wealth differences between adults widened in 2020. The global number of millionaires expanded by 5.2 million to reach 56.1 million. As a result, an adult now needs more than USD 1 million to belong to the global top 1%.

Total global wealth grew by 7.4% and wealth per adult reached another record high of USD 79,952. Overall, the countries most affected by the COVID-​19 pandemic have not fared worse in terms of wealth creation.

• USD 17.5 trillion was lost from total global household wealth between January and March 2020, equivalent to a fall of 4.4%. This was largely reversed by the end of June.

• The regional breakdown shows that total wealth rose by USD 12.4 trillion in North America and by USD 9.2 trillion in Europe.

• India and Latin America both recorded losses in 2020. Total wealth fell in India by USD 594 billion, or 4.4%.

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