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Our financial advisors provide you with sound financial advice you can trust to help you on your personal journey and to make informed decisions about your money - so you can achieve your dreams and goals. Whether you’re growing your professional medical, legal practice and small business or planning your retirement, our certified financial planners will guide you along the journey by:

  • Helping you make informed decisions about your money to achieve your goals.

  • Providing expert advice to assist with all your financial planning needs.

  • Assisting you with a tailored financial plan for your specific needs.

Wealth &
Risk Management


We help you grow your wealth, whether you’re an individual saving for your retirement, a medical or legal professional, a business looking to build your portfolio we have practical tools and customised solutions. We understand that your investment isn’t just another investment. It’s unique to you. We cover both South Africa and International investments.



We work with you to find the right risk solutions, such as Life Insurance cover for your specific needs. We have a range of Life Insurance solutions that offer choice and flexibility, to suit your current life stage, your professional practice and business needs. 

We can offer reliable short-term insurance to protect valuables you worked hard for like your car, home, and other personal belongings.



We balance growing your family's wealth with the right risk solutions, and providing for your longevity.

Estate planning &
Wills and trusts 

We have partners that specialise in estate planning involving the Drafting of Wills, Deceased Estate Administration and Trust Administration in South Africa. We know that you’ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth and assets. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to plan ahead for the distribution of your wealth and assets when you pass away. It’s a significant step in securing the financial future of the people that matter in your life. We’re also able to help you should your loved one have passed away without an estate plan.

Professional Tax
& Business Assurance

​We take an integrated approach to financial planning, tax advice and financial reporting for medical and legal professionals.


We offer:

  • Annual financial statements and tax consultancy

  • Cash flow projections and in optimising tax efficiency

  • Full payroll service

  • Personal tax

  • ​Company tax

  • ​Provisional tax

  • Notices of Objections

  • ​Tax compliance

  • ​EMP501 Reconciliations

  • ​VAT preparation and submissions

  • ​Statutory registrations

  • Buy and Sell Arrangement

  • Key Person Cover 


Ensure the financial wellness of employees and their families with saving for retirement, and in the event of death, disability and funeral assistance.

Offer comprehensive retirement and group insurance solution to help you take care of your employees' financial needs pre and post-retirement.

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